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Intelligence Platform for
Surgical Video Analysis & Review

Product Feature

  • Surgical Phase Recognition
  • Event Detection
    • - Surgical Bleeding
    • - Non-Surgical Events
  • Instrument Movement Analysis
  • Surgical Reporting

Why SurgGram

Incomparable deep learning data

Deep learning based on more than 1000 surgeries on
annotation data recorded 30 frames (times) per second

Quality More precise annotation compared to competitors

Quantity Plentiful video data of gastric cancer surgery

Garbage In, Garbage Out:
Automated Machine Learning Begins with Quality of Data
It’s no secret that machine learning methods are highly dependent on the quality of the data they receive as input. If you think of machine learning as a manufacturing process, the higher the quality of the input data, the more likely it is that the final product is of high quality as well. This relationship presents a big challenge to analytics teams when it comes to figuring out the proper data for helping to solve business problems. It is necessary for those team to prepare all datasets to achieve a machine learning process free of errors. This involves setting up quality standards and fixing data issues like missing values or columns with abnormal statistical variance, as well as selecting the proper data types, removing duplicated data, and more. Automated machine learning can assist with this. …


Why SurgGram

A whole new patient care program for post-op

Phase 1


Phase 2

Tissue Manipulation

Post-Op Care

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